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Mark Holder

Out Fox The $treet: September 25, 2018

Stocks to watch on Tuesday:

NXP Semi. (NXPI) - looks like another buy in the mid-$80s. Remember that the company is repurchasing shares by the billions at these levels. 

American Airlines Group (AAL) - the stock is back to the breakout point at $40. Higher oil prices hurt profits, but only for the short term. The impact isn't a long term issue for the airline sector now. Use the dip to own this future profit machine. 

Square (SQ) - $1.5 billion in sales and a market cap exceeding $40 billion typically don't last. The only way to close the gap is for the stock to head lower. Watch for the success of Zelle to start squeezing off the growth rate of the Cash app which in turn will hurt out year predictions for growth. 

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Disclosure: Long AAL 

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