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Mark Holder

Out Fox The $treet: September 14, 2018

Stocks to watch as the week ends:

Fitbit (FIT) - the stock is back to $5.50 due to fears over the medical features of the Apple (AAPL) Watch Series 4. This shift towards smartwatches being medical devices is actually a catalyst for Fitbit. The company is working on FDA clearance for multiple medical features so use this weakness as an opportunity. 

American Airlines (AAL) - look for a breakout of the downtrend that started in January. The airline stock is extremely cheap and appears headed towards a break above $40. 

NXP Semi (NXPI) - the company will continue repurchasing shares aggressively with the stock below $95. The bounce off $85 yesterday was an extremely bullish reversal. 

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Disclosure: Long FIT, AAL 

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