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Out Fox The $treet: July 11, 2018

Stocks to watch on Wednesday:

Twitter (TWTR) - another opportunity this morning to own the social-media play at $42. Twitter is on a role and the influential platform will have a value in excess of $100 billion one day. The fake account issue is just another sign of the power of the platform that people would create so many fake accounts. 

Snap (SNAP) - still extremely bearish on Snap, but the bullish sentiment on the stock could send it to $20. If the stock breaks $14, watch out for the false rally. More research: Snap: Prepare For A False Rally To $20.

American Airlines (AAL) - the airline places the Q2 pre-tax margins at around 8.5%. Not exactly good news, but everybody knew the quarter was going to be weak due to high fuel costs. A small disappointment is the lower yields, but the market is far overplaying the weakness with the stock down over 6% to new multi-year lows. The airline will just snap up cheap shares here. 

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Disclosure: Long TWTR, AAL 

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