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Forecast came false

Will Dish Buy Sprint Assets To Clear The Merger?
18 june

The news flow now suggests that Dish Networks (DISH) is in the process of buying close to $6 billion in assets from Sprint (S) or T-Mobile (TMUS) in order for the DOJ to approve the merger. Such large asset sales would in theory provide Dish with the assets needed to build a viable 4th wireless carrier considering their already large spectrum assets. 

Vote on whether an asset deal in in place by the end of June. My vote is that Dish is in no position to make a $6 billion investment by the end of June and likely ever. Disclosure: No position 

Will Dish Buy Sprint Assets To Clear The Merger?

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Forecast came false

The deal might still be in the works, but $DISH did not agree to buy assets from $S/$TMUS by the end of June. Most of the voters got this one wrong.

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