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Out Fox The $treet: June 21, 2018

Stocks to watch on Thursday:

Synergy Pharma (SGYP) - the small biotech got a nearly 9% boost on Wednesday. Not a lot of news other than ongoing record prescription numbers for Trulance and an extremely cheap stock headed into the results of a potential strategic partnership. Still cheap at $2. 

Glu Mobile (GLUU) - hitting a triple top around $6.60, but the business is no longer hit driven like the last 2 tests of these levels. At a market cap of around $900 million, Glu Mobile only trades at about 2.5x 2018 sales estimates. This is the time for the company to break through previous resistance. 

LendingClub (LC) - fits in with this group of stocks that all traded at incredibly depressed multiples. LendingClub has seen a large bounce off the early May lows, but the 20% grower traded over $6 last October. This fintech heads much higher. 

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Disclosure: Long SGYP, GLUU, LC. 

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